8NET has some exciting Rewards for you. Get real big savings on the products that you need and get a free gift for doing something you already do. We offer useful and practical gifts as a sign of appreciation for doing business with us. We value all our clients and the business they bring us.  Remember to constantly check the free gift section as our selection is updated on a regular base.  

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  1. A-SHA Dry Noodle
    A-SHA Dry Noodle
  2. Car Phone Mount
    Car Phone Mount
  3. Tape Dispensers
    Tape Dispensers
    1. Waterproof Speakers
      Waterproof Speakers
    2. Paper Thin Antenna
      Paper Thin Antenna
    3. Tape & Tape Dispenser
      Tape & Tape Dispenser
    4. Packing Peanuts
      Packing Peanuts
      1. Trunk Organizer w/Cooler
        Trunk Organizer w/Cooler
      2. Electric Egg Boiler
        Electric Egg Boiler
        1. Solar Ground Lights
          Solar Ground Lights
        2. Sandwich Maker
          Sandwich Maker
        3. Cocktail Shaker
          Cocktail Shaker
          1. Folding Camp Chair
            Folding Camp Chair
          2. Personal Electric Skillet
            Personal Electric Skillet
          3. Personal Coffee Maker
            Personal Coffee Maker
          4. 5-Cup Coffee Maker
            5-Cup Coffee Maker
          5. Kraft Bubble - Self-Seal
            Kraft Bubble - Self-Seal
          6. Poly Bubble - Self-Seal
            Poly Bubble - Self-Seal
          7. Poly - Self Seal
            Poly - Self Seal
          8. Packing List Envelopes
            Packing List Envelopes
            1. 13 oz. Nutribullet Blender
              13 oz. Nutribullet Blender
            2. Deerma Humidifier
              Deerma Humidifier
            3. 17
            4. Electric Kettle 1.7 Liter
              Electric Kettle 1.7 Liter
            5. Hand Length Stretch Wrap
              Hand Length Stretch Wrap
            6. Carton Sealing Tape
              Carton Sealing Tape
            7. Poly Strapping Tools
              Poly Strapping Tools
              1. 4-in-1 Keyboard Combo
                4-in-1 Keyboard Combo
              2. 14
                14" Electric Griller
              3. 17 Pcs Personal Blender
                17 Pcs Personal Blender
              4. 12 Pcs Stackable Bowls
                12 Pcs Stackable Bowls
              5. Copy Paper
                Copy Paper
                1. Electric Deep Fryer
                  Electric Deep Fryer
                2. 5 Trays Food Dehydrator
                  5 Trays Food Dehydrator
                3. 3 Tiers Food Steamer
                  3 Tiers Food Steamer
                4. 5-Piece Ceramics Bowl Set
                  5-Piece Ceramics Bowl Set
                5. Electric Hot Air Fryer
                  Electric Hot Air Fryer
                6. Machine Length Tape
                  Machine Length Tape
                  1. Black Massage Gun
                    Black Massage Gun
                  2. Foot Spa Massager
                    Foot Spa Massager
                  3. Poly Strapping
                    Poly Strapping
                  4. Polyester Strapping
                    Polyester Strapping
                  5. Bubble Roll
                    Bubble Roll
                    1. Aluminum Ice Cream Maker
                      Aluminum Ice Cream Maker
                    2. Jurlique Essential Rose Set
                      Jurlique Essential Rose Set
                    3. Flat Weight Bench
                      Flat Weight Bench
                    4. Handheld Retro Gaming System
                      Handheld Retro Gaming System
                    5. Hand Massager
                      Hand Massager
                    6. Mini Wrap
                      Mini Wrap
                    7. Kraft Sealing Tape
                      Kraft Sealing Tape
                    8. Computer Desk
                      Computer Desk
                      1. Square Ottoman with Trays
                        Square Ottoman with Trays
                        1. Alessio Leather Armchair
                          Alessio Leather Armchair
                        2. Multi-Use Air Fryer Oven
                          Multi-Use Air Fryer Oven
                        3. Workout Pull Up Station
                          Workout Pull Up Station
                          1. Super HD Night Vision Dashcam
                            Super HD Night Vision Dashcam
                          2. Alessio Leather Chaise
                            Alessio Leather Chaise
                          3. Strapping Cart
                            Strapping Cart
                          4. L Shaped Desk
                            L Shaped Desk
                            1. 2K Resolution Body Cam
                              2K Resolution Body Cam
                              1. Alessio Leather Sofa
                                Alessio Leather Sofa
                                1. 4K Resolution Dash Cam w/ Wi-fi
                                2. Electric Adjustable Desk
                                  Electric Adjustable Desk
                                  1. Manual Pallet Jack
                                    Manual Pallet Jack
                                    1. Mercedes-Benz Electric Kids Car
                                      1. 28 Bottles Wine Cooler
                                        28 Bottles Wine Cooler
                                        1. Poly Strapping Machine
                                          Poly Strapping Machine
                                        2. Beverage Cooler
                                          Beverage Cooler
                                        3. 44 Bottles Wine Cooler
                                          44 Bottles Wine Cooler
                                          1. Automatic Mahjong Table
                                            Automatic Mahjong Table
                                            1. Tape Sealing Machine
                                              Tape Sealing Machine