8NET has some exciting Rewards for you. Get real big savings on the products that you need and get a free gift for doing something you already do. We offer useful and practical gifts as a sign of appreciation for doing business with us. We value all our clients and the business they bring us.  Remember to constantly check the free gift section as our selection is updated on a regular base.  

Same Day Delivery within a 10-mile radius. Earn Rolling Reward Points for Orders Over $250.

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  1. 10 Rolls Bath Tissue
    10 Rolls Bath Tissue
  2. Bluetooth Speaker
    Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Seaweed Snack
    Seaweed Snack
  4. Vacuum Water Bottle
    Vacuum Water Bottle
  5. A-SHA Dry Noodle
    A-SHA Dry Noodle
  6. Carton Sealing Tape
    Carton Sealing Tape
  7. Thin Frame Aviators Sunglasses
    1. Coffee Capsules Organizer
      Coffee Capsules Organizer
    2. Durable D-Ring Binder Set
      Durable D-Ring Binder Set
    3. Non-stick Egg Pan
      Non-stick Egg Pan
    4. Electric Lunch Box
      Electric Lunch Box
    5. Asha Prince Katsu Nuts
      Asha Prince Katsu Nuts
    6. Egg Boiler
      Egg Boiler
    7. Folding Camp Chair
      Folding Camp Chair
    8. Popcorn Machine
      Popcorn Machine
    9. Waterproof Speakers
      Waterproof Speakers
    10. Paper Thin Antenna
      Paper Thin Antenna
    11. Tape & Tape Dispenser
      Tape & Tape Dispenser
      1. Instant Rice Noodle
        Instant Rice Noodle
      2. Jurlique Softening Hand Care Set
        Jurlique Softening Hand Care Set
      3. Jurlique Hand Cream Trio
        Jurlique Hand Cream Trio
      4. 5-Cup Coffee Maker
        5-Cup Coffee Maker
      5. Bluetooth Earbuds
        Bluetooth Earbuds
      6. Cocktail Shaker
        Cocktail Shaker
      7. Travel Garment Steamer
        Travel Garment Steamer
      8. 1.7 Liter Water Kettle
        1.7 Liter Water Kettle
      9. 13
        13" Countertop Grill
      10. Nonstick Stir Fry Pan
        Nonstick Stir Fry Pan
      11. Ultrasonic Humidifier
        Ultrasonic Humidifier
      12. 2-in-1 Panini Grill
        2-in-1 Panini Grill
        1. Electric Neck Massager
          Electric Neck Massager
        2. 14 Pcs Knife Set
          14 Pcs Knife Set
        3. 7 Pieces Camping Cookware
          7 Pieces Camping Cookware
        4. Electric Kettle 1.8 Liter
          Electric Kettle 1.8 Liter
        5. Copy Paper
          Copy Paper
        6. 3 in 1 Breakfast Station
          3 in 1 Breakfast Station
        7. Platinum Slow Cooker
          Platinum Slow Cooker
          1. Portable Cooktop
            Portable Cooktop
          2. Electric Hot Air Fryer
            Electric Hot Air Fryer
          3. Nutri-Blender
          4. Radio Toaster
            Radio Toaster
          5. 96‘’ Folding Table
            96‘’ Folding Table
          6. Hand Massager
            Hand Massager
          7. Electric Skillet
            Electric Skillet
            1. Flat Weight Bench
              Flat Weight Bench
            2. Handheld Retro Gaming System
              Handheld Retro Gaming System
            3. Wood Table Lamps
              Wood Table Lamps
            4. Multi-Use Air Fryer Oven
              Multi-Use Air Fryer Oven
              1. Workout Pull Up Station
                Workout Pull Up Station
              2. Round Dining Table
                Round Dining Table
              3. Leg Massager
                Leg Massager
              4. Nuface Mini Set
                Nuface Mini Set
                1. 4 Pcs Outdoor Furniture
                  4 Pcs Outdoor Furniture
                2. 5-Pcs Leather Sofa Set
                  5-Pcs Leather Sofa Set
                3. Nuface Trinity Pro Set
                  Nuface Trinity Pro Set
                4. Manual Pallet Truck
                  Manual Pallet Truck
                  1. 28 Bottles Wine Cooler
                    28 Bottles Wine Cooler
                  2. Round Dining Table Set
                    Round Dining Table Set
                    1. Beverage Cooler
                      Beverage Cooler
                    2. 44 Bottles Wine Cooler
                      44 Bottles Wine Cooler
                    3. 40mm Automatic Mahjong Table
                      40mm Automatic Mahjong Table