Tape Sealing Machine
Tape Sealing Machine
Tape Sealing Machine
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Description: Our semi-automatic and fully automatic carton sealing machine both come with side belt drive provide smooth carton transport. Standard features included adjustable bed height, and a roller top in feed and exit table in order to seal box xmotthly and accuratley during the taping operation. Capable of Interchanging 2'' or 3'' Tape Heads.

Best used in: Sealing large production scale. For the best performance, use our machine length carton sealing tape

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Tape Sealing Machine

Model # Dimensions
L x W x H
Belt Speed Tape Roll Lengths Price Each Qty
1 2+
863-CTSM1 50.79 x 38 x 54" 20M/Min 1000, 1500, 2000 yd. $ 2,880.00 $ 2,550.00
863-CTSM2 50.79 x 38 x 59'' 20M/Min 1000, 1500, 2000 yd. 5,550.00 4,850.00