Corrugated Wrap
Corrugated Wrap
Corrugated Wrap
As Low As
  • Flexible single face corrugated wrap
  • 50/50 basis (50 lb. facing sheet /50 lb. corrugated sheet)
  • B-flute, approximately 1/8-inches flutes provide shock absorbing cushioning
  • Measures 250 linear feet per roll

Description: Protects products from scratches, chips or breaks during shipment. Shock-absorbing material helps prevents potential damage.

Best used in: Wrapping and packaging items to prevent them from scrapes, chips, scratches or breaks during shipment or storage. 

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Corrugated Wrap

Model # Size Description Combined Order
≥ $100
Combined Order
≥ $250
Combined Order
≥ $500
L x W 1 Bundle 1 Skid 2 Skids
Qty Price Per Box Qty Price Per Box Qty Price Per Box
CBW480-250B 48 x 250' B-Flute 50/50 Roll 1 $ 75.00 6 $ 71.00 12 $ 63.00