Dock Board
Dock Board
Dock Board
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Description: Red steel dock boards built to withstand the heaviest weight for all of your loading and unloading needs. Safety legs hold the dock board in place to provide a sturdy and safe platform for loading and unloading. Steel curbs and slip-proof surfaces prevent dangerous and heavy equipment from falling over.

Best used in: Packaging out small valuable or fragile items that are going to be shipped out. Thick envelope with bubble wrap inside provides adequate protection.

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Dock Board

Model # Description Dimensions Load Capacity Price Each Qty
1 2+
802-DB7260-10K with legs length 72'', Width 60'' 10,000 lbs $ 1,180 $ 1,130
802-DB7260-15K with legs length 72'', width 60'' 15,000 lbs 1,350 1,290
802-DB7260-20K with legs length 72'', width 60'' 20,000 lbs 1,450 1,380
802-DB7272-15K with legs 72"L x 72"W 15,000 lbs 1,600 1,580