Instant Rice Noodles
  • P8-0050-71
    • 3 Flavors available

    • Contains 6 delicious noodle cups, hand-made noodles with chewy texture without being oil fried.
    • Contain no MSG, cholesterol, artificial flavors or preservatives and only made with non-GMO ingredients
    • The microwavable, portable noodle cups are the perfect pantry stuffer for a quick snack, easy lunch, or dressed up with fresh meat and veggies for a full, satisfying dinner.
    • Ready in 3 minutes.

Instant Rice Noodle

Model # Description Original Price Qty (Each)
P8-0050-71 Kimichi Flavor, 6 Individual Cups $ 18.00
P8-0050-72 Pho Flavor, 6 Individual Cups 18.00
P8-0050-73 Seafood Flavor, 6 Individual Cups 18.00